Nick Matheson – Business and Leadership Coaching

Nick Matheson, MBA

Nick coaches high-performing leaders to shift from their work life to their life’s work. With quiet confidence, he calmly inspires others to choose the leap toward aligned energy, greater freedom, and real prosperity.

As the owner of OneUp Performance, OneUp Fitness, and One to One Wellness, and with over 20 years as an entrepreneur and eight years coaching, Nick integrates unique experience in health and wellness and business coaching to power individual and team performance. He is the developer of the Vital Force approach and a Certified Market Force Professional, training and coaching entrepreneurial and corporate organizations for the last six years. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, he also holds an MBA from St. Mary’s University and a BSc(PT) from Dalhousie.

Beyond business, Nick’s most important life’s work is raising four amazing children along with his wife Lori. They make every day an exciting adventure, an invigorating learning experience, and an inspiring imperative to keep growing!

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Business Strategy

Nick has led strategic planning in both large and small businesses and has developed a unique approach for balancing awareness and action in organizations. He naturally bridges the thinking-doing gap and enhances two-way communication to align big picture vision with functional responsibilities and executional excellence. He supports teams in moving beyond conversation and conflict to choice and clarity.

Leadership Development

In a healthy organization, everyone is a leader, every leader is in training, and everyone understands this to be true. Growing as a leader is about uncovering one’s inherent wisdom and developing the skillful means to support others in their capacity to thrive. This is the most important work that any of us can do.

Performance Coaching

Nick developed the Vital Force approach to unlock potential and support leaders and teams in managing their energy effectively and efficiently. High performance flows from elevated awareness and lifestyle design that maximizes health and well-being in any context.

Group Retreats

Strategy, leadership, and performance plans are often best developed in settings that support personal growth, professional learning, and collective commitment. Nick loves to share his passion for nature for the connection it creates to self and others and the lessons it offers for regenerative systems. It is in discovering your own true nature that you find flow, ease, and abundance already waiting for you.

Please contact Nick to discuss how these programs and services can be customized to meet the needs of you and your team.